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Raised for Treats for Tots 2021!

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Congratulations! We have received the cashout from LL and have made the donation to Treats for Tots.

Due to changes with Paypal, the donation had to be made in two parts. The total amount donated was 3,211.65 USD and we were once again able to make the donation on Veterans Day. ❤️

None of this would have been possible without the love and support of the entire Family Community of SL. Every single one of you helped to make this event a true success.

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Nuggets presents "Treats for Tots", second life kids helping real life kids! A month-long event with games, rides, quests, live music, and more to raise funds for Toys for Tots.

Why this Charity?
2021 has been a tough year for so many families, with people out of work, families struggling to keep their heads above water. This Christmas we can help by donating to help purchase gifts for kids.

Why in October?
By raising the money during the month of October we can get the funds to this charity right when they need it most to purchase gifts and deliver them.

Who we are:
Nuggets is owned by Killi Cloud, Joey Cloud, and Chloe Cloud. (Pizza Cloud, Tofu Cloud & Aurora Calloway) we have quite a few years of experience in the family community and event planning. This charity event will be run with 100% transparency, all donations terminals will keep a running total of lindens raised, a donation bot will be used to keep lindens separate, we have registered with Marine Toys for Tots and the donation will be made no later than Nov 10th to this official donation page and posted on all social media.

Top Donation Teams

1stNuggets Family Community194,334 L$
2ndLittle Toes Dance Academy 185,500 L$
3rdHuntress Inc.68,433 L$
4thE. T. Ranch47,500 L$
5thKJIm43,645 L$
6thDaydream30,281 L$
7thJester Inc.25,883 L$
8thBubble Productions23,130 L$
9thPanda Dance Crew21,143 L$
10thWhippersnappers20,120 L$

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